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On  21.1.2016 at 10:44 PM Jehan wrote:
The new themes are now sharing most of their code, but the color
schemes, which makes them very maintainable and it makes me confident to have many variants of the colors if neded. I would not even mind having
all 5 of them, especially since it looks like every variant may have
someone's preference? All tastes are in nature, that's the saying, right?

For reminder, here are side by side screenshots of all 5 variants
currently being WIP by Ben (alias Draekko):

Draekko and Klaus did a great work.
In IRC we had a discussion a few days ago. IIRC the results were
- the theme should have a neutral color to not distort the image's
color perception.

What is a "neutral" color? I do not know such a concept.

- Pippin recommended 'the darker the better', because it supports the
image's proper color perception best.
- A pure white theme would reflect the proper appearance of the image
printed on white paper.

So should the whitest theme be even whitest? ("pure white" #FFFFFF even?)

I'm thinking, maybe the lightest theme should be even lighter?
Personally I feel like I would likely use "Sea of Grey" or the "Dark"
I personally find the Dark-Side-of-GIMP theme a bit too dark and would
prefer just 'Dark', but that might be a single person's matter of taste.

I am the same (though I kind of got used to it after trying it out for a bit). But it seems some people like the themes very dark. Draekko was saying the Dark Side of GIMP was based on what he uses himself. And you said above "the darker the better", so maybe even Pippin would use the Dark Side too?

I think we should involve the users to decide over it and run a user
test/evaluation like Peter Sikking did some years ago for the tools
(it's in the GUI wiki). Then we knew for sure and could meet the goals
I've outlined in the spec (http://wiki.gimp.org/wiki/Specs:UI_Theme).

If you are in LGM, we would welcome any kind of usability session where we would gather users to test GIMP on various topics.

Should we push all 5 of them? Should we discard some?
BTW: Krita has 8 themes with more or less small differences, PS CS 6
has 4 themes.

As a side note, this is not a competition. We should support what we think is best, whatever other software are doing. So this is not that relevant information to me.

We should make a compromise between trying to serve everybody's needs
(which will fail by nature) and maintainability. At the end somebody
will need to care for the themes in the codebase and this could easily
be us.

Of course. As I said, now themes share most of their code. Only difference are the color schemes. That's still a lot of work, but a lot less than completely separated code. So I am fairly confident we can now have a few themes while keeping minimum maintainability.

I do hope that current contributors will stay for the long run! :-)

My proposal is:
- 1 dark theme for proper color perception and eye-saving work for hours,

But which one? As you said first, it seems that the official stand is "the darker the better", but as you said second, and which I agree too is that the dark side is actually too dark for your taste. So which should we choose?

- 1 white theme for proper color perception on prints,

Again which one?

- 1 system theme for proper system integration,

What is a system theme? Do you mean the default theme?

- optionally 1 theme for roundtrip work with other FOSS graphics tools
(Blender, Darktable, Krita)

I don't understand what is a "theme for roundtrip work"? How could a *theme* be helpful to work with other software?

- optionally the current 2.8 theme. Some people might like it
because they are used to it. We don't need yet another save-export-like

We will keep the current theme at the very least for development version, if not for the release, because it is basically a nearly "raw" theme. So developers will always need it to differentiate GTK+ bugs from theme bugs.

We could provide a link collection to other good themes together with
a tutorial on how to install them or later extend the plug-in registry
to hold themes and art resources (brushes, patterns etc.).

Having a good extension platform is one of my project for the close future, but that's a very different topic. :-) It would be obviously very ideal to have a broad user-create theme choice, and easy way to get them.

For OS X 10.10+ system integration I plan to update my theme and
perhaps use the symbolic set already for 2.8. if it matches better
the OS X look and feel.

Another point is the size of the theme. Nowadays we have HiDPI monitors
and even the default size theme is hard to read. We should drop any
small themes and replace them by big themes for HiDPI monitors. The
icons could be vector icons or be rendered during the build process.

No. Duplicating themes for every purpose would be far from an ideal situation. We should be able to adapt any themes to any screen resolution (size of icons, text, etc.). As said in a previous email, this is a work in progress, for instance for icons:

Unless you find me any feature needed by HiDPI that can be done only by themes and not through code.

Also there are still a lot of bugs here and there. It would be awesome
if people could test them and report bugs.
Indeed, see my notes on user testing above.

I hope to find time to move my spec to the GUI wiki in the next days.




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