Jonathan Kamens wrote:

>I hate the new Save vs. Export behavior. It is completely non-intuitive to me, 
>it makes my brain stumble every time 
>I try to do just about any of the things that I do in GIMP on a regular basis, 
>and it makes most of my workflows take more thought and more button clicks / 
>key presses than they used to.

Thank you Jonathan for this post, you described well what I'm feeling too.

For png pictures, I often open 10 or 15 small png pictures for edition, I just 
want to change some colors or add a little thing, and now when I overwrite or 
"export" to png (it's technically not an export because my original picture was 
also in this format), then the picture's name is lost, it's irritating when we 
need to work further on the pictures, because we can't find it any longer 
thanks to the window's name.

- I don't understand why the original filename, including the original 
extension are not kept in the window's name after an overwrite or an export.

- I don't understand why we can't overwrite more than once (otherwise I would 
just remap the ctrl+s to overwrite)
- I don't understand why the "overwrite" option is not active when we open an 
xcf file, it could just save the file in the same format as it was open, like 
for png, jpg or tiff.

I don't want to develop further, I just hope enough users will complain 
so developpers will go back to the old behavior, or at least make this 
"idiot-proof" save scheme an option which can be disabled for normal, 
aware, user. It takes 5 minutes to read an explanation on how raster 
images works (you can still redirect newcomers to ), it's a pity 
to affect the behavior of Gimp because of this.
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