Late to the discussion:

I can see the need for a more professional product, and heartily approve of 
most of the changes I have seen in 2.8.  I even see the reasons behind the 
Save/Export changes, in terms of a professional workflow, of file/process 
safety, and in cleaning up terminology.

The problem with the "professional paradigm," though, isn't necessarily that 
it's not better/safer, etc., it's that no printer in an 80 mile radius uses the 
GIMP's XCF format,  nor do any of the local graphic designers.  All of them, 
however, can open TIFF, JPG, GIF, and BMP.  All of the printers and all but one 
of the graphic designers can handle PSD (the last one uses PSP).  

As a FLOSS evangelist, I have to say that familiarity and interoperability are 
two of our STRONGEST selling point to potential users, generally coming before 
cost-Free, in users needs.  XCF already fails interoperability, not being used 
to any great degree.  I am afraid that  even the terminology change of -- "I'm 
sorry, but you can't 'Save As" a JPG (or similar filetype that CAN be saved to 
in any other commonly-used software), you have to 'Export To' "-- will appear 
to be a barrier to nervous new adopters.

I sell LibreOffice, by pointing out that not only can it OPEN almost 
everything, including DOCX and old Works files, It also allows the option of 
setting default SAVES defaults to DOC --which can be read by everyone-- though 
with a "you will lose formatting" warning (that can be disabled).  

I sell the GIMP to (non-"professional") Photoshop users with GimpShop.

If one of the goals of the GIMP is to expand our user base, I believe we need 
to keep familiarity and interoperability in mind as we make changes and not 
push too strongly in directions which will frighten off new adopters, casual OR 
professional.  While I will adopt the new Save/Export workflow in order to get 
the much-anticipated-and-improved new text functionality and the new 
colorspace, I would respectfully ask the devs to look at the following options, 
in the interest of balancing the needs of the professionals with the needs of 

1) An option (as has been suggested multiple times) to set Save/Export back to 
previous functionality.  That way, those of us who can benefit from the 
improved workflow can use it, but new users can still have the comforting 
familiarity of the "tried and true."

2) An option to set a default save/export option, as in LibreOffice, possibly 
in conjunction with an XCF save (maybe either as a "Save/Export Multiple" in 
preferences, ie. CTRL-S saves an XCF file, a PSD file AND an 85% JPG file, all 
with the same filename)  This would be a real timesaver for those of us who 
frequently nip off to the printer or save comparison samples.

3) A heirarchal file offering in the save/export menu:  save to XCF always 
offered first, export to similar filetypes (PSD, PSP, PDN) second, but always 
available in the same menu, and the more limited filetypes last, as in the 
previous version's "search for other extensions," which would be hidden unless 
called for.  Frequently used filetypes would remain visible as options.  This 
would focus attention on the correct and preferred option, but allow the 
unfortunate necessary

4a) Timed autosaves in XCF format that are differentiated from the primary 
file, possibly multiple copies (up to a limit, set in preferences), in the 
interest of preserving history.  This could be in combination with 1) or 2), 

4b) Timed autosaves which preserve history (up to a limit, set in preferences), 
in XCF format, and  differentiated from the primary file.  This could be in 
combination with 1) or 2), above.  

As many have said before, I have nothing but appreciation for the devs and the 
massive amount of work they do for those of us who can do nothing more than 
spread the Word of the GIMP, and I look forward, eagerly, to our future 
advances and inevitable domination.


>> What we _are_ doing is _focusing_ on a group of users who are
>> underloved by free software. We are building workflows around their
>> needs. We are _targeting_ those users.

>New users will benefit from immediate exposure to the "professional
>paradigm" and start paying attention to file formats from day one.

>Long time users who often (or always) find no use for the XCF
>format, will have to relearn or remap a keyboard shortcut or two to
>keep the same speed & convenience they are used to.  Long time users
>who routinely save their work in XCF won't notice a major difference.

>And really... guise... If you don't need the new GIMP color model,
>you don't need the new version of GIMP.  I am guessing that is
>approximately 100% of users who don't routinely save most files in
>XCF as "part one" of their usual workflow.  It's not like you need
>to keep your GIMP version current for the sake of security patches
>or compatibility with external applications.  Keeping the "old" GIMP
>also means that all your favorite plugins and scripts will keep
>right on doing exactly what you expect them to do.

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