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>>> UPS delivery or email?
>> Please, don't be rude to such an esteemed and valuable former member
>> of this community. A personal visit is the only satisfactory solution
>> here

>Now I'm getting confused: which of us two is being ironic?

>> after all, where would open source software be if less people
>> used it?

>Consider this. Over a decade GIMP has been having millions of users
>and just a handful of developers. What's going to change if more
>people overreact, issue silly accusations and slam the door? Give me
>the worst scenario you can think of.

>This is free software. People do it for fun. We respect your opinions,
>even when you disagree with us, and we are eager to adjust things to
>make users happier, but there's no way you can force us to do
>anything. We are not your hostages, and we don't work on your terms.


I'm not going to read this whole thread. I read the one in the developer's 
list. Frankly, I think the whole thing is silly.

To you, the other contributors, and developers, thank you for your work.

I'm fine with the save/export change. I find it more logical and convenient. 
With previous versions, I found it slightly inconvenient/irritating when I just 
wanted to back my work up, Save As, name, choose format, when I just wanted 
xcf. I mean, first world problems, inconvenient/irritating nontheless. I see 
nothing wrong with adding caution while separating two different commands at 
the same time. I see the situation perfect for beginners and advanced users. 
Even the most experienced user can accidentally overwrite a file, if just once 
in their lives.

Isn't Gimp still open source? Hasn't one of the many great things about OSS 
always been that you can hack it, alter it to your preferences? If you don't 
know how, you could always search for it.

I'm not saying Gimp is perfect. There are areas I'd like to see improvement in 
but that's for another time. Gimp is free software that people volunteer to 
work on. I appreciate that and don't feel privileged enough to demand changes 
or threaten to take my toys and go home. Say what you will about my comments. 
I've said what I've wanted to say. I'm out. 

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