These are the reasons why I went back from GIMP 2.8 to GIMP 2.6.x:

1.) The free text field in the "Open file" view has been removed, or at least I 
couldn't find it. A frequent use case for me is to copy a fully qualified file 
name (i.e. including the path) of an image and to paste it to the "open file" 
view of GIMP... Not possible anymore? Why? Progress IMHO is if possibilities 
grow, not if they disappear.

2.) I open a JPEG and I want to save(!) it as JPEG. Why is GIMP starting to 
domineer over the user now (like e.g. MS Windows has been doing all the time) 
by changing the file type to XCF and forcing the user to "export" the image 
(that was opened as a JPEG!) if he wants to save it as a JPEG again? Progress 
IMHO is if things get easier, not if they get more complicated.

3.) The calculation of the image size of JPEGs when saving in preview mode is 
buggy, i.e. the size is way too high (GBs instead if MBs). Of course, this is 
only a minor bug which will be fixed soon (if it isn't already). I just wanted 
to note it.

Now I am really happy with GIMP 2.6.x again.

Thank you though for GIMP! :-)

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