>On 05/31/2012 04:04 AM, darnkitten wrote:
>> I sell LibreOffice, by pointing out that not only can it OPEN almost 
>> everything, including DOCX and old Works files, It also allows the option of 
>> setting default SAVES defaults to DOC --which can be read by everyone-- 
>> though with a "you will lose formatting" warning (that can be disabled).

>Saving to JPEG from Gimp is more like exporting to PDF from OO (that, 
>incidentally, OO calls "export").

I would say it is more like saving to RTF, which is a "save" option, though a 
crappy one.  (JPEG and RTF are both low-quality editable formats which lose 
data/formatting, compared to the native XCF and ODT formats).  Exporting to PDF 
is converting from an editable format to an essentially non-editable container 
format, and IS an Export--Incidentally, one printer in my area prefers even 
image files to be exported to PDF...*sigh*...because Windows prints it directly 
instead of shoving it through that crappy photo printing wizard.

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