On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 10:49 PM, Anoko wrote:

> However, I do not understand why no one discusses a compromise
> that does neither enforce nor burden exporting.

The secondary workflow _is_ the compromise.

> Are the developers really willing to give up a "part" of their users for
> something which I think can be compromised in a way both sides
> are happy??

Implementing behavior options _isn't_ a compromise, it's just another
way of crippling user experience.

> The explanation page says "In other words, GIMP used to assume
> that you don't mind accidental loss of unrecoverable project data and
> bothered you with confirmation dialogs. It was a convoluted logic,
> but people got used to it."
> I do not see why this is solved.

Yes, you don't see it :)

> Someone who is not familair with GIMP, that wants to store something
> as a png file, clicks save, finds it needs to export, clicks export and has
> lost their layered data nevertheless, now basically without a warning
> saying layers got lost.

Absolutely not. No one loses anything until confirming that by closing
the project without saving as XCF.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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