And judging from the number of people (myself included) who are still annoyed 
about it and asking for it to be put back the way it was, the questions and 
concerns are NOT being answered - unless you call telling people to just get 
used to it because thats how it is now a solution.  

The Gimp development team needs to listen, and listen carefully.  This is a 
major change, and many people don't like it (yes, I know many do as well... but 
you've split the community, and thats the point I'm making).  I have respect 
for open-source developers, but I also wonder how hard-nosed the developers 
would be if this was a paid application and a bunch of their paying customers 
started complaining about a divisive change.  I hope they're not thinking that 
because they're not getting paid they can trample over half their user-base 
with impunity.

I humbly ask that the developers please put it back the way it was, or at the 
very least have a "legacy save" option users can activate in the options so 
people like the original poster, myself and all the others who use Gimp 
regularly and hate this new save work-un-flow option can be happy again.

My not-so-humble 2.5c (tax inclusive)


>the 'save and export' behaviour as been discussed at the mailing lists 
>during the last months very widely and thoroughly. There's also an 
>article about it at 
>Please be so kind and check them first. Judging from the amount of 
>postings to only this one topic I guess all your questions and concerns 
>are answered there.

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