>But I have to say, the amount of flak the developers are 
>taking about this is totally unjustified. 

Then why are they getting it?

>*half* their user base? I think that's rather an exaggeration.....
>and I think that they deserve a little (read "a lot") of respect simply 
>for being willing to go to all the work of creating the best image 
>editing software out there without being paid for it!

As I said, I have a lot of respect for open source developers - and as to the 
figures, I have no way (and neither do you) of knowing the exact percentage - 
maybe its more than half.

>> I humbly ask that the developers please put it back the way it was, or at 
>> the very least have a "legacy save" option users can activate in the options 
>> so people like the original poster, myself and all the others who use Gimp 
>> regularly and hate this new save work-un-flow option can be happy again.

>If you would read previous posts, you would know why this is not going 
>to happen. As I stated earlier, if you really want it changed that 
>badly, please feel free to modify the GIMP code.

I have read a lot of posts, and its a shame they've taken that stand. As I 
mentioned, I wonder if they would be so hard-nosed about it if it wasn't free 
and their income depended on their decisions. Fortunately for me, 2.6 does most 
of what I need.

>Sorry if this email sounded harsh in any way. I'm not trying to downplay 
>your concerns, but I am getting rather tired of the same old arguments 
>being brought up and hashed out again and again.

Sorry if my reply sounds like I didn't buy any of what you said... its just 
that I didn't.

>Devs, IIRC, something came up awhile back about putting this in the FAQ. 
>Do you think someone could make a webpage just explaining all of this so 
>the GIMP user community can put this subject to rest? =)

A FAQ will fix it?  Awesome, how do I install that FAQ in GIMP so that the save 
behaviour returns to how it was... is there a FAQ for that?

Face it, its not going to be put to rest because too many people are upset by 
this change.  Gimp used to be a great photo editor, now its useful but 
cumbersome to use because even if you open a JPG you can't even change the size 
and just save-as a JPG - that is just utter nonsense.

Finally, I too am sorry if this sounded harsh, but I'm quite annoyed about it.  
I shouldn't have to learn whatever language GIMP is written in, troll through 
the (assumed) 10's of thousands of lines of code and revert the menu back to 
what makes sense for those using GIMP for photo editing.  That creates a fork, 
and if it suits people they will start using it... THAT will split the 
community... and the developer resources.

I'll say it again because I think its an idea with merit (and not without 
foundation, given the new integrated single-window mode which can be turned on 
or off) - make the menu options a... well... option!  Give the users the 
decision instead of taking it away and causing all the grief that this has.


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