On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 8:17 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

>> Why, in the "File->Save as..." dialog do other graphical file formats appear
>> in the file browsing?  If this is to be a consistent behavior, why taunt the
>> user (and his expectations) by showing them *.JPG and other files and then
>> not allow them to save in that format?  When you try, a dialog box comes up
>> saying "nope!  you want to do that, go do this other thing."  Imagine being
>> at an intersection on the road, then turning right only to find a sign
>> appears saying "you can't turn right here" *after* you made the turn
>> already!
>> If the purpose is to upset people, then it's working.  If the purpose is to
>> educate people about something, then the message was lost with confusion and
>> negative emotional response.
> It is simply a bug which you could have reported without all the
> additional overreaction and speculation.

By the way, drc just made a good point on IRC that showing files like
JPG and PNG there allows easily picking an existing filename to call
the file after.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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