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> One problem with Gimp 2.8 is that the
> top size of the brush is far too big. If you compile from scratch you
> can change that. This needs to be mentioned in the Gimp developer
> list. It's also possible to have UI to set that largest size of brush
> so it's not too big. I've seen the code that needs added to do that.
> This all needs to be better sorted out to make Gimp more ideal for
> painting.These are simple changes that need to be in Gimp. Changing it
> and compiling is too much trouble.

Oh well...we used to have logarithmic brush size control. Now, you have a
linear space ranging from 0 to 1000.00 - if you have to control the brush
using a 2 cm course MIDI pedal, it simply won' t do -out of the box -
But I think it could be controled using the dynamics curves:
create a new brush dynamics, map the input control to brush size there, and
its curve so that the maximum size (right) is at roughly 10% of the graphic

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