On 06/17/2013 12:50 PM, Gunold Brunbauer wrote:
I`m a network administrator in a secondary school.
In our computer network we have 15 thin clients.
I´ve installed GIMP and it worked fine. But when the pupils start gimp, then there are always some workstations on which gimp ist very, very slowly. I suppose, that those thin clients on which gimp ist started last wont get enough memory. How can I achieve that gimp will use only a limitede amount of memory space?
Thank you for your advice

If Gimp is slowed down by memory issues in startup, I don't see how you can realistically expect to use it with real images that will quickly require a couple of hundred megabytes. After startup, with no images, my 64-bit Linux Gimp uses 60MB or memory (+ 20MB shared) but even simple image quickly double this.

Starting Gimp also implies some file activity, so you have some I/O contention instead. What are the slow machines displaying when they limp along? loading plugins? checking fonts?
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