On 07/19/13 19:13, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 2:36 AM, Joseph A. Nagy, Jr wrote:

No, this is not an improvement. More developer snobbery, thinking they know
more than the average user.

Actually, it's the job of developers to know a lot about things like
workflows, digital imaging and suchlike. It just so happens the mythic
"average user" doesn't know a lot about all those things.

No, you're right about that. They don't, and shouldn't be forced into them, especially when the old workflow was just fine.

In my experience any attempt to teach users good practices will be met
by a few snobbery accusations. Today it's you who issues them.
Tomorrow it will be someone else.

It's not your job to teach us anything.

The "average user" neither needs nor wants to understand that the
direct implementation of the "do as I say, or else you are a snob who
doesn't listen to users" rule leads to inconsistent, cluttered,
unusable interfaces. I don't blame you for not understanding that.
Obviously you can't know everything.

I understand that concept very well, what happened here though - while maybe an improvement for the professional - is a huge change in the workflow of many, many other users, all of which whom are being ignored or told to shut up and go away.

But here's an idea. If using GIMP makes you sulking and soar all the
time (and this is not the first time you are complaining about a
specific change), perhaps it's time for you to think why you want to
invest your time into this unhealthy "relationship"?

No, it's not. I don't like the single-window mode but at least I can change that permanently through some options. This new export/save workflow isn't really all that helpful (though it's not terrible, it's completely foreign to many long-time users, as people keep posting about it are saying).

I've already invested many years into using The GIMP, my question to you is why should I learn something else? Especially when nothing else really fits my needs (which go beyond simple corrections to digital camera photos) or particular work environment. What I - and many others who are complaining about this change - really want is a consistently working program where at the very least such a major change has - at least temporarily at the very least - an option to revert to the more familiar and desired behavior. Why is that so hard to understand?

Yours in Christ,

Joseph A Nagy Jr
"Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who hates correction
is stupid." -- Proverbs 12:1
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