I add my vote on this one.

XCF is a gimp only format, and unfortunately the world don't run on it.
When really working on a pic, this one needs ( by nature ) to be exported and
imported, and sometimes many times in a project. Of course when you draw in
gimp, for gimp and nothing else ( no need to export/import anything as it's just
a draw to insure you latest tablet still works fine ) the xcf format suits
perfectly the needs !

It's quite natural to hope saving a pic in the format it has been loaded. Load a
jpg ? ok, modify it and save it as jpg. Why is it natural ? just because jpg
format ( though it degrades the image quality at each save, but this is another
question ) is red by ALL tools, unlike xcf that cannot even be used as import in
any tool.

IMO developpers made a wrong choice in forcing user to naturally save in the
native gimp format. It's not a shame at all to make wrong choices. I would
become one to refuse admitting it.
Am quite amazed by stupid answers saying:'ok you don't like this ? then rewrite
it". Just transpose this kind of answer to for example the use of a car and
you'll imagine it's market won't last long.

As a former developper i know that i'ts 5 min to setup a tickbox in the pref
window to allow the user choose between the new and old save system. Also it
might be longer to reintegrate the old code for the old system, and at last it
might take several months for testing the up and downs of such a change. Anyway,
i think it's the wise choice.
For the reason of the lack of this, the 2.8 don't suit my needs for my today's
workflow and am still using the good ol' 2.6 ( wich sometimes crashes on my
windows, but it's my very own choice )

At last but not least i just loaded the portable version of the 2.8.6 and
noticed that finally the display bug under windows seems to have been solved. So
congrats to the dev team for debugging this version i will still not use :-)

In france when someone preaches in the desert, we use to say 'he pees in a
violin' :D i'm almost sure that it's what am doing here in giving my opinion on
this formely awesome tool. Mebe it will change things, or mebe not, but at least
i had tried.


EDIT: amazing the captcha of this posting window is 'dictatorship' :D a subtle
message ? ;-)

pitibonom (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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