>s.kortenweg (s.korten...@hccnet.nl) wrote:
>Compared to 50 years ago there has been a drastic change however:
>Typically there is more than one user per program...
>        Simon

Exact, things changed. We were able to have a better use of our softwares, of
our possibilities on computers, etc. But these 2 rules are still available.

Finally, a software is like a website, according to these 2 rules.  Everywhere
on the Internet, the HTML/CSS/PHP tutorials are asking novice developpers to
create websites that *everybody* can find usefull and functionnal (even those
who use Internet Explorer!) And now, we even have to figure out our websites for
tablets and mobiles!…

Moreover, sometimes, people can do the choices they want. On internet forums,
users can choose their nicknames, their profile-picture, their description, etc.
What does that mean?

It means that "everybody must be happy using the website". And find the website
fuctionnal.  And this part works the same for softwares.

Please give people the choice; the only risk I can see it to make more people
happy to use Gimp… that's just it…

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