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> On 08/15/2013 11:15 AM, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer wrote:
>> Say you've zoomed in to start this painstaking freehand selection with
>> lots and lots of points, and when you get to the end, nothing gets
>> selected. Then you notice that, once again, you had done a Select All
>> some time ago (invisible because you zoomed in) and forgotten to Select
>> None before clicking the lasso.
>> What do people do to avoid this? (I know the obvious answer is "remember
>> to check what your selection is all the time", but that's seriously
>> flow-disruptive.)
> People don't do anything because having  a "Select all" or  any
> previously existing selection doesn't prevent a freehand selection (or
> any other kind of selection), which will replace the existing
> selection(*). What often happens is that the person forgets s/he
> turned off the "marching ants", so as soon as the selection is
> completed, all indication of selection disappears. while the selection
> is indeed there (display it with the quick mask or with Ctrl-T).
> (*) or add/substract/intersect with it depending on key combos when
> starting the tool. Of course if you shift-click (asking for addition)
> with an existing full selection, you will get the full selection.

Sorry, forgot to mention, I typically have the "add to selection" button
on. It's a lot more pleasant to use when doing large freehand selections
than having to hold the shift button, and avoids that other dangerous
situation where your shift-clicking finger starts fatiguing and you let
go for a click and the dots start looking weird and you hit return to
just add what you've got and the old selection is all gone.

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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