> I've often wished for "repeat the last selection but in a different
> mode"

+1 for the ability to reselect the last selection.

I'm not sure what "in a different mode" means, but many times I
dismiss a selection only to realize I'd like to use it again. If I
*know* I want to reuse a selection, I save it. But too often I don't
realize I want to use that last selection for something else until
it's too late. Reselecting it in the original fashion isn't always
easy or even possible to do, when the editing that I just did inside
the previously selected areas changed colors or tonality in such a way
as to make repeating the previous selection process impossible.

Hitting "undo" to get back to the previous selection means redoing all
the subsequent editing, not always easy to do and often impossible to
replicate exactly.

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