Michael Schumacher wrote:
On 20.08.2014 23:00, Mark Bourne wrote:

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/146/original/052.JPG

I realise C210LUV has solved the immediate problem by installing the
64-bit version of a different build, but for what it's worth I am NOT
able to open the above 052.JPG using:
- Windows Vista 32-bit
- GIMP 2.8.10 downloaded from gimp.org

After removing metadata with:
   exiftool -all= 052.jpg
as suggested by others, the file opens in GIMP without any problem, so
it does appear related to the metadata.

A problem with libexif, maybe - you could check if the same still
happens with a nightly build from:


2.8 nightly from 2014-08-21 (gimp-stable-i686-2014-08-21.exe) has the same issue - gets stuck with metadata.exe taking ~50% CPU when trying to open 052.JPG.

2.9 nightly from 2014-08-21 (gimp-dev-i686-2014-08-21.exe) opens the image without any obvious problem. Not even any messages in the debug console window.

So looks like it's resolved in 2.9, but not 2.8 (if there's going to be another 2.8 release?)

For information, in case it affects anyone else, Avast antivirus is flagging several of the .exe files within the nightly builds as being infected with "Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]". Checking a sample of these files on VirusTotal shows that only a couple of other products flag them as infected, while most report them as clean. Looks like a heuristic algorithm giving false positives, so I've reported some of them to Avast as such (not all though, as it was getting tedious to submit every single instance, and it's probably the same thing triggering the detection in each file anyway...)

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