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> >Hi guys,
> >
> >since  i found so much useful information in this thread i just
> >registered here to share an interesting thing i discovert.
> >
> >I had Kaspersky 2014 installed  and after i read the first half of the
> >topic i updated to the 2015 Version without any changes.
> Can confirm, I just updated from 2014 to 2015 and the bug persists. Although 
> I'm
> starting to believe that it's really a problem with GTK since the interference
> comes from seemingly random programs.

Nobody denies this, in fact I expect it.

In case it hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet (I did mention it in forum 
threads about the same topic):

It isn't expected that the developers of the interfering apps fix this in their 
apps, unless there is a real bug. They may be able to provide hints that 
explain why this is happening, in a way like "we are influencing this and that 
behavior in windowing events because of..., check your code for anything 
related to events like...".

For some apps, they might be unwilling to reveal that - Kaspersky could be 
doing this to prevent some sort of malicous focus grabbing, and not give 
scammers any hints how to prevent it.
But there seem to be a few FLOSS projects involved as well, that might be able 
to provide more insight.

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