>This is what I thought. It seemed to me (though I don't remember by
>heart all reports) that most reports were either for one or the other
>issues. They were not mixing both usually.
>So are you saying that the drag'n drop bug is GIMP-only, and you don't
>have any drag'n drop issue on any element of Inkscape UI?
>Let me summarize:
>- On the Windows 8 machine, you have both the selection AND the drag'n
>drop issue, and both problems are on GIMP AND on Inkscape. They both
>are "fixed" by uninstalling the AutoHotkey script.
>- On the Vista machine, you have ONLY the drag'n drop issue, and it
>affects ONLY GIMP, NOT Inkscape. This is also fixed by uninstalling
>the AutoHotkey script.
>Is that it?

Hi Jehan,

That's pretty much it except I'm not sure about the drag'n'drop issue being in
Inkscape or not. I'm not very familiar with Inkscape so not sure what the
equivalent problem would be here. It doesn't appear to have a layer dialogue
which would facilitate dragging and dropping as in GIMP (or at least I can't see
If there is something I can check in this regard let me know.

All the best,


Ishatix (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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