>Thanks for the report. The bug you linked though seems different. It
>deals with mouse focus, unresponsive buttons to mouse clicks, etc.
>On the other hand, the issue encountered by people on this thread is
>about not being able to drag and drop (layers, channels, and such)
>within GIMP anymore. Which one was yours? Unresponsive mouse clicks?
>Broken drag and drop? Both?
>In any case, if it turns out to be the same issue as others here
>(broken drag and drop on both GIMP and Inkscape), that's very useful
>information. It means the bug is likely in GTK+.
>This AutoHotkey stuff is apparently Free Software, so that's good
>news. It may help us investigate by seeing what it does.
>I'll still wait for you confirming that's the same drag'n drop issue
>first, because acknowledging this information though. I don't want to
>go on a wild-goose chase.

Hi Jehan,

As far as I can tell these are all the same issue / closely related. If you read
through some of the other posts here there is also mention of unresponsive UI
elements / unrecognised mouse clicks. I first noticed this problem with the
vector graphic import dialogue in GIMP - I could not select different options
after the first one. Although the work-arounds mentioned above (click on
different window and back again, and use of space bar to confirm selection)
helped. However I also confirmed that I suffered the same layer dragging problem
as first mentioned. In addition this issue also is manifested as unresponsive
tool bar icons in Inkscape. I believe therefore that all these problems are one
and the same. Perhaps other people here can help confirm this.
I am not a developer but your suggestion of a GTK+ issue sounds like it's on the
right track. With regard to the AutoHotKey script - it applies an overlay to
Windows to provide additional dimming functionality so  I guess one could look
into how it is interacting with the Windows UI to achieve this.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you would like any more info.

All the best,


Ishatix (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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