>Hi Jehan,
>That's pretty much it except I'm not sure about the drag'n'drop issue
>being in Inkscape or not. I'm not very familiar with Inkscape so not
>sure what the equivalent problem would be here. It doesn't appear to
>have a layer dialogue which would facilitate dragging and dropping as
>in GIMP (or at least I can't see it).
>If there is something I can check in this regard let me know.
>All the best,

Hi guys,

since  i found so much useful information in this thread i just registered here
to share an interesting thing i discovert.

I had Kaspersky 2014 installed  and after i read the first half of the topic i
updated to the 2015 Version without any changes. So i can just say this is not
the solution. But i had another idea. I have a programm running called
sandboxie. It does what the name says, starting any programm in a sandbox
located on the root of my C:\-Drive.

If i start Gimp in the sandbox the drag and drop works!

I edit the settings of this box so gimp has access on all my harddrives. If i
would not do so, changes on any files would just happen in the box and would
disappear after closing.

So if you want a quick workaround install sandboxie. It´s a bit inconvenient but


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