On 08/07/2015 05:50 PM, Jay Smith wrote:

> My reason for asking is that Gimp is sometimes more intuitive for
> people who don't have a lot of experience with another image program
> (because they are somewhat expecting things to be like that other
> program).

And vice versa.  I have been using the GIMP since Tor Lillqvist's
early Windows ports, and during that time I have twice tried to use
Photoshop.  Got the program, manuals, tutorials, etc. and, both
times, gave it up as impossible.  Obviously, this is not the
experience people who stated out with that program have.

Aside from the GNU utilitis, BASH shell, etc., I do believe the GIMP
is the most "mature" application in the Free Software ecosystem.  I
look forward to version 3 with a mixture of glee and dread.  Glee,
because I know it will solve problems and remove a lot of limits.
Dread, because I know it will make a lot of my favorite tricks
obsolete, which means re-learning old habits with new tricks.


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