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>> On 08/07/2015 05:28 PM, George Misdary wrote:
>> I'm not certain if this is the right place for this, but here goes,
>> A few weeks ago I was on a mission to find a simple, yet effective, image 
>> editing program for a project I'm working on.After several frustrating 
>> experiences with a bunch of 'complete duds' and 'nice trys', I finally came 
>> across the GIMP.
>> Within a few minutes of using GIMP, my reaction was simply WOW! Over the few 
>> weeks since I've been using it, that reaction has only continued to flourish 
>> and expand.In every step, so far, I've found GIMP to be unbelievably 
>> intuitive, logical, stable, capable, powerful, and simply brilliant to 
>> use.It is far and away one of the best programs I've ever used, not only as 
>> a graphics program but period!For every function that I thought "Hmm, it'd 
>> be nice if ...", within a few seconds/minutes of poking around on the 
>> hyper-intuitive interface; I've not only found exactly what I was looking 
>> for, but something-like a dozen other ways to expand upon what I was looking 
>> for. Rarely do I find this level of... maturity in a program and for a 
>> program that is released for free none-the-less, I'm simply blown away!!I'm 
>> not exaggerating when I say that on a practically daily basis, that I've 
>> used GIMP, I find myself saying "I really love this program".
>> I'm sure you hear things like this fairly regularly, but I still wanted to 
>> send this email to give a HUGE shout-out to the developers, contributors, 
>> and all involved with making this such a kick-a## product!
>> Kudos and THANK YOU!!!
>> Regards,GM
> George,
> If I did not know better, I would think you were a friend of one of the 
> developers.  :-)
> Seriously I do have a question:  What other image editing program(s) do 
> you have experience with?  (Not just "tried them", but actual 
> significant use.)
> My reason for asking is that Gimp is sometimes more intuitive for people 
> who don't have a lot of experience with another image program (because 
> they are somewhat expecting things to be like that other program).
> You are a bit special -- in my experience, most people have a more 
> difficult learning curve than you seem to have had.
> Jay

Hi Jay,

Lol, nope not a friend of the Devs, but I wouldn't mind being one ;)

I've used several graphics apps in the past. One of the most notable was Paint 
Shop Pro. Which I actually really liked. Before Corel got their claws on it, it 
was a really good program. But even it was a bit of a bear to use a lot of 
times and was not anywhere near as intuitive as GIMP (in my opinion). I've used 
Photoshop. And while it is without a doubt incredibly powerful, it's also 
incredibly cumbersome and burdensome to use. If I had a need for all of its 
extra stuff (and beaucoup $$$) I might feel differently. But I did not find my 
experience with it nearly as pleasant, or at all. 
During my recent search I've downloaded Krita and found it to be an unholy mess 
to use. It has a lot of potential. But it was just... well anyway this is not 
the venue for that. But my experience with it was a large reason for prompting 
me to write my email above :)

Plus I've used other similar apps, on and off over the years. But you are 
right, I definitely don't have a lot of experience with using image programs 
extensively. Usually I get one, use it for the process/project/etc I want, then 
will likely not access it again for a while. 

My current project, however, I've used GIMP extensively. And I will be using it 
for some time yet to come. And I continue to be pleased with its ease of use, 
vast array of usable options, and overall versatility and stability. 
My only criticism (of GIMP) is the ability, or lack of, for batch image 
processing. After spending some time poking at the program itself, and coming 
up empty handed, I looked at GIMP's scripting language. For everything GIMP is, 
the scripting language is most decidedly NOT. It's not intuitive, practical, or 
even usable unless you're one of the coders that wrote that particular 
function, lol. I'm sure it's very powerful, but I have yet to make any headway 
with using it; finding  it to be unnecessarily obtuse. I did fortunately 
discover BIMP and I am once again doing the happy GIMP dance <--- you don't 
want to see what *that* looks like, but at least it is happy :) 


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