George M writes:
> Lol, nope not a friend of the Devs, but I wouldn't mind being one ;)

I think you are now. :-)

> I've used several graphics apps in the past. One of the most notable was 
> Paint Shop Pro. Which I actually really liked. Before Corel got their claws 
> on it, it was a really good program.

I also started with early Paintshop Pro. I quite liked it, but I
never did anything complex with it, mostly just crop/scale/brightness/
contrast. I didn't delve into anything harder until I'd switched to GIMP.

I only used Photoshop a little and found it baffling. (I confess I
found GIMP a bit challenging at first too, but it was easier than
Photoshop.) But that was a long time ago, before I switched to
full-time Linux.

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