>What, you mean with no "PF-XXX" parameters? Yeah, I got that much as I've made
>scripts with both no UI and the built-in UI before. I'm rather certain it still
>wants you to use their UI, though.

>Even if that's all it took, there's still the issue of gimp using a watered 
>Python 2.7.5, which I'm not sure how to add normal modules to. I assume Kivy's
>pretty much out of the question, but TkInter's normally built in to python,
>except with gimp a number of base modules, including TkInter, aren't present
As you say TkInter isn't in the GIMP supplied Python (which is a pity as it 
uses native file browsers instead of the GTK abomination), but you can use 
PyGTK, which you should be able to understand quite readily as you have TkInter 

Here's a relatively simple PyGTK GIMP plug-in I wrote some time ago: 

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