>As you say TkInter isn't in the GIMP supplied Python (which is a pity
>as it uses native file browsers instead of the GTK abomination), but
>you can use PyGTK, which you should be able to understand quite
>readily as you have TkInter experience.
>Here's a relatively simple PyGTK GIMP plug-in I wrote some time ago:

Ah, thanks. It does indeed remind me of TkInter. I should be able to
reverse-engineer your example code to do some useful stuff.

-Ideally, I use the os module for most of my file-browser-esque operations. Once
I learn how to make more complex Kivy widgets, my current and future programs
that use file explorers will likely use a hand-made solution instead of Kivy's
default widget. When I made my first program (Used TkInter), making my own file
explorer turned out pretty nicely.

FierySwordswoman (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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