>It turns out they want the CD label background not the circle but the
>square the exact same size as the template. So my original question
>was a misconception I had. I can't color the template even though it
>was easy. I have to hide the template when uploading.
>Discmakers told me not to worry about the other templates but to only
>use the PDF template which opens fine in GIMP. Alex approved what I
>sent him, so it appears I don't need the PDF-X4. I asked him about
>that. To be safe I'll get them to mail us proofs before production, so
>I can really see how it'll turn out with no variables.

Comedy of errors. Did you read the Users Guide that comes with the templates?

Attached in case anyone else uses DiskMakers, however the fact that they will
accept a RGB image is useful. If Diskmakers added information on using Gimp to
their site, what a help that would be.

Hope your label comes out ok, I have an advantage, only one disk required and I
print at home.

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