yeah, i loose to much when i save it as a gif.  and i was trying to move to
png, with all the license issues involved with gif.  png is just better.
but if browser support is sad, i should forget it.  i would rather crop off
the edges and not have to deal with the background looking different in
every brower.  or, i could just make the background white and stick with
that.  thanks!


>In addition: saved as a gif and the transparency worked just fine.
>        81561 Mar 12 09:37 test2.png
>       31034 Mar 12 09:49 test2A.gif
>       46725 Mar 12 09:39 test2A.png
>(The A files are the saved alternatives from the test2.png original)
>Of course, the "fade to transparent" shadow of the graphic is lost with the
>replaced by a solid black shadow. Would that work properly with the png

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