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> If you want fading to backgroud, you are basically out of luck until PNGs
> are more fully supported.  (GIFs don't work because it only has
> transparency on or off, no fading).
> What I now do is have a GIMP XCF file with the "top" layer fading to
> transparent as I want, and a background layer that I can change at will.
> Thus for my pale yellow backround web pages, I can creat a new
> non-transparent JPEG which fades to my pale yellow.  For a white
> background, I create another JPEG which fades to white, etc.
> This isn't ideal, for all of the obvious reasons, but it does work for
> most usages.

There is a better workaround since we have true transparency for web 
images.  It has the disadvantage to only work with simple backgrounds, 

there are two layers: one with your image an one with the (simple) 
background of the webpage.

Then "alpha -> selection" and save the selection into a channel.

combine the two layers.

invert the selection (after you get it back from the channel) and cut the 

Then you have a simple alpha, a region where the alpha fading is combined 
with the background and the picture.

Now there is only the problem to convert the RGB image to indexed.  The 
advantage:  There is no border between the image and the webpage background 
(sometimes image colors are different from the same colors in images).


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