Thus spake Clayton Coleman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> I'm sure this has been asked a lot, but is there any way to get gif support 
> for the Gimp? I currently do a lot of web development, and hope to switch 
> to all-linux. My main issue right now is of course, no gif support. 
> Currently browsers do not support PNG widely enough to use PNG instead. I 
> am not above paying for a gif liscense, I just can't find any documentation 
> on how to get gif support included.
> I'm running RH8 Psyche, which came with the latest version of the Gimp.
Read this thread:
just in case it is that easy. I think these days most systems come
with gif support, and gif in gimp should "just work."

I use gimp on gentoo, I have gif support. Everything is compiled
from scratch for me, and I have gif in my USE flags, so if something
has gif support it will be compiled in.  You may have to install
libgif or libungif and then compile gimp from source. 

Also, I think you are dead wrong about PNG support. What browsers
don't support them properly? I use konqueror, mozilla, phoenix 
and Opera and I seem to have decent PNG support with alpha in most
of these, since about 2000. Is netscape 4.x holding you back? If so,
good luck waiting for that to change.

Oh, wait when you wrote "Currently browsers do not support PNG
widely enough to use PNG instead" you might have meant "Currently
Internet Explorer on Windows..." in which you are correct. But guess
what? If the net is full of alpha-transparent png files, IE will
change quickly enough. They haven't implemented this standard YET
because everyone is so quick to bow to their unholy monopoly. So why
does IE on Mac have perfect support for png alpha channel and gamma


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