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) wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 01:35:58AM -0800, Joshua Thorin Messer 
> > Oh, wait when you wrote "Currently browsers do not support PNG
> > widely enough to use PNG instead" you might have meant "Currently
> The striking majority of browsers, not only IE on Windows. And PNG
> can't do animations, which are very important. So GIF will need to
> stay around for some time :(

Well Marc,
Actually PNG does do animations and they are called MNG.  So unless you 
have several thousand dollars lying around you want to use to pay the 
GIF owners for using those on your site, PNG pretty much takes care of 
everything now.  Plus as Joshua mentioned all the "really good" 
browsers already support PNG stuff now.  Netscape I believe mentioned 
they were dropping any further support for the 4.xx versions and I 
guess M$ will have to come around with IE if they want to continue 
peddling their junk to users.

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