Not at all, Eric!

I like my script, mostly because I can always write others to perform
like tasks.

But... I am just AMAZED by the grid + polar_coord trick.
I bet we could just create a "GIMP PUZZLE CONTEST" .
The most incredible, and yet feasible, way to draw
"fnord" in the GIMP wins.

(And any postscript would be left out of
such a contest - it's not made with the GIMP after all)

Does "photoshop"  have got an easier way to draw these
"Simple Radial Lines" ?

I remember using Deluxe Paint, in DOS - and there,
there was a "symetric mode" one could enable - every stroke was
mirrored N times around a common center, or in tiles, and this drawing
could be made using that.

Actually, Deluxe Paint, for simple it was, had some features that are
not found around in any other program.


Eric Pierce wrote:
On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 21:02, Jeff Trefftzs wrote:

1.  Select the Black & White Gradient
2.  In the Gradient Tool Dialog select:
        2.1  Custom Gradient
        2.2  Linear (or bi-linear)
        2.3  Sawtooth or Triangular repeats
3.  Click and drag in the image window to get as many stripes as you
want rays.  Make sure the stripes run vertically.
4.  Image/Filters/Distorts/Polar Coords

Presto! Raidal rays.

You can also replace the gradient voodoo with render>pattern>grid. Polar Coord is a great trick for this though. Good tip.

yeah, that's hot. A good way to get some control on the # of lines.

Thanks everyone who posted and especially to Joao for the cool dog script.

Eric Pierce


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