heres an idea for this:

you can check out a .gif here:

1) make a new image significantly larger than your final project needs to be, twice the size to be safe
I wanted one that was 500 x 500, so i started with a 1000 x 1000 image
2) fill the background layer with white, create a new layer called BLACK1
3) select the left half of BLACK1 (in this example, select from x=0,y=0 to x=500,y=1000
4) fill that selection with black and deselct
5) rotate the BLACK1 layer exactly -10 degrees. the edge of the black will now probably be pretty poorly anti-aliased, so you can guassian blur it and then play with the curves of the alpha channel to fix the anti-aliasing, but thats optional and can potentially mess up your end product. i just did a guassian blur of 1 for the example i'm using here
6) duplicate the BLACK1 layer to produce BLACK1 copy, flip BLACK1 copy horizontally
7) merge the visible layers. the resulting layer should be called Background
8) duplicate Background and flip the Background copy layer vertically. set the Background copy layer mode to Screen
9) merge the visible layers again
10) duplicate the Background layer again, set the new layer mode to Screen and rotate it 45 degrees
11) duplicate the Background layer twice more, set both the new layer modes to Screen and rotate one of them 90 degrees and the other -45 degrees
12) merge the visible layers and crop out the edges to your hearts content

in step 5 i mentioned the antialiasing thing. blurring it and messing with the alpha channel can make it so that your black sections dont connect in the middle. not blurring and messing with the alpha channel will ensure that they do connect but the lines may look jagged

also, i know the black and white lines arent the same width in my example. to get them perfect, i believe you need to rotate exactly -11.25 degrees in step 5 instead of -10 degrees. if i did my math right, that should take care of it.

good luck & happy gimping!

David Millet

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