Timothy E. Jedlicka - wrk wrote:
> Sorry to quote Sven out of context, this was regarding a user on 1.2.2 - two 
> years out of date. My point was that I've noticed several 
> notes from users on really old versions - 1. is this a problem? 2. is it worth 
> fixing?

Not really a problem. If he were reporting bugs against 1.0.4 (as
one person recently did), he would politely be told that we're
not fixing bugs in that any more, and that upgrading to 1.2.5
might be an idea.

But being on a stable version isn't a problem in itself. However,
it is helpful if the person verifies that the problem they're
reporting is still present in the latest stable release.

Also, it should be said that all the developer resources are (and
have been for at least 6 months) being exclusively put into
getting a stable 2.0 release out. So the chances of another
stable release (given that there are only about 6 or 7 bug fixes
that have gone in since 1.2.5) are extremely unlikely.

       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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