> >>>>> On 13 Jan 2004, "Sven" == Sven Neumann wrote:
>   Sven> Is there a particular reason you are running such an outdated
> version?
> I see this statement a lot - i.e. users using really old versions of Gimp.
> Would it be reasonable/feasible to add a hook into gimp that checks it's
> age and gives a warning if it is more than x months old?

For development versions, an automatic check seems to be appropriate. For
stable versions, this may be a bit annoying - if such a check is implemented,
it should probably be disabled by default.
> One implementation would be to check the binary timestamp and if > 3
> months suggest that the user check http://www.gimp.org for updated

It should only suggest this if there really is a new version. 
Note that this may be considered a "phone home" feature, and the last thing
The GIMP needs is to be classified as spyware.


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