misfit-x <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Would it possibly be that at gimp.org the latest "stable" version is
> 1.2.5 and that is what might be included in most distros (not sure
> what distros all include, but my RH9 I got was 1.2.something)? And 
> maybe other folks would not want to "risk" using an "unstable" yet
> newer version? FWIW, I'm using 2.0pre1 and keeping up with stuff. 
> But I can imagine some would rather wait for a "stable" release...?

Yes, you are perfectly right. The version I called outdated was 1.2.2.
1.2.5 is indeed the latest stable relase and perfectly fine to use
until version 2.0 was released and has proven to be stable. Given the
few number of bug reports we received so far for 2.0pre1, I am pretty
confident that 2.0 will be a good choice from the beginning.


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