Hi Bruce,

Bruce Burden wrote:
        I created a 45MB jpg with GIMP a few years ago. Now, when I
    attempt to open the image, the file is successfully loaded, the
    first tile or so is shown, then GIMP crashes because:

45 MB!!! That's a big image.

bash-2.05b$ gimp
GLib-ERROR **: could not allocate 16384 bytes
gimp terminated: Abort trap
Now, I realize that this is a GLib error, but I am looking
for pointers on why GLib is not able to allocate a few K of
memory. On a maching with nearly 1GB of free memory, I would
expect to be able to read a 45MB file (especially since I created the image with less memory!)

The 16K is likely to be the straw that broke the camel's back, the little bit of memory that pushed things over the top. Since glib contains all the memory allocation functions we use, a glib error would be the expected way for this kind of failure to happen.

If you have lots of memory, you might consider increasing your tile cache size (this figure corresponds to how much RAM the GIMP will use for image data before it starts writing it to disk). You might also check that the partition your home directory is in is not full, although IIRC that would be another issue.

Also, you might consider running top to see how much memory the GIMP takes up. With a 45M compressed file, the image in memory is likely to be bigger than 200M (depending on the compression settings you used), this will let you see what's happenning in terms of the GIMP's memory usage.

You might also try installing 2.0pre3 alongside your 1.2.5 installation, and test whether this bug has somehow been fixed during the last 3 years. You can install both versions alongside each other, so this will not affect your 1.2.5 installation in the slightest.

And while you're at it could I ask you to open a bugzilla report against this? While it is unlikely that we will ever have a 1.2.6 release, if the bug is still present in the 2.0 release, it is more likely to be fixed if there is a bugzilla report open against it.


Dave Neary

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