On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 04:45:21PM +0100, Dave Neary wrote:

    Hi Dave,

> The 16K is likely to be the straw that broke the camel's back, the 
> little bit of memory that pushed things over the top.
        That is what I figured. Since I was able to create and 
   manipulate the file to start with, I assume it is something
   that I changed. Problem is, I don't see that malloc() returns
   a useful error indication.
> If you have lots of memory, you might consider increasing your tile 
> cache size (this figure corresponds to how much RAM the GIMP will use 
> for image data before it starts writing it to disk). You might also 
> check that the partition your home directory is in is not full, although 
> IIRC that would be another issue.
        I have the cache size set to 1024MB, and from what I can tell,
   no tile cache is actually allocated (at least, I don't see any
   fluctuations in the disk usage. Which means I have enough memory
   or it is being buffered, or both, or somehting else.)
> Also, you might consider running top to see how much memory the GIMP 
> takes up. With a 45M compressed file, the image in memory is likely to 
> be bigger than 200M (depending on the compression settings you used), 
> this will let you see what's happenning in terms of the GIMP's memory usage.
        Top reports somewhere in the vicinity of 550 - 600MB of memory
   is being used. GIMP and this file is a great way to move memory
   from "inactive" to "free". :-)
> And while you're at it could I ask you to open a bugzilla report against 
> this? 
        Is there a reasonable way to provide more detail as to what
    GIMP is doing in a bug report? Reporting that GTK is failing
    when a 45MB jpg file is expanded to 500MB+ is perhaps a bit too
    generic. It would be nice to say it was in routine XXXX.

        Also, I would like to verify that I am not exhausting kernel
    memory for some reason.

                                                Thank you,
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