Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> >     Is there a reasonable way to provide more detail as to what
> >     GIMP is doing in a bug report? Reporting that GTK is failing
> >     when a 45MB jpg file is expanded to 500MB+ is perhaps a bit too
> >     generic. It would be nice to say it was in routine XXXX.
> It's actually not (that) unusual that the GIMP would take 500M of
> memory for a 45M jpeg.

Some plug-ins (for example PSD) are implemented quite badly and
allocate a block of memory large enough to hold the full data of the
uncompressed layer. But as far as I know, the JPEG plug-in does it the
right way and only allocates relatively few memory. There could
however very well be a bug in the implementation.

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