Le 29.03.2004 16:27, Sven Neumann a écrit :

do you consider global gamma adjustment useful at all? It means that
everything on your screen, inlcuding the GUI and also the content
displayed in your web-browser, image viewer, PDF viewer ...  is
gamma-corrected. IMO this is questionable since most software assumes
an uncorrected display. Shouldn't gamma correction take place at the
application level instead so that it is only applied to images that
specify a gamma correction?

The best solution would be to have the whole desktop managed.

But, as most of the applications are not aware of the gamma you setup in Xfree, I my opinion, the best is to do the correction at the application level (as does scribus for instance).

Please excuse my ignorance, I am trying to understand what's really needed for professional image manipulation and so far I understood that global gamma correction is not desirable.

In the case of professional use, most of the image processing stations will have a dual-head system. One display, calibrated (profiled) to display the picture you are working on (mostly a CRT or a dedicated plasma type, only few -- expensive -- TFT are able of a right contrast/ gamma/colour handling) and a second one for the palettes, tools and so (and other applications like web browser). This one is mostly a relatively cheap TFT.

                - Jean-Luc


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