"Eric Pierce" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm working with a relatively large RGB image (4368 x 3384px / 2MB file
> size / status bar says 199MB on load).  Once I begin editing the image,
> the memory usage quickly gets up around 600MB and up, and my system comes
> to a crawl as it goes to the hard disk for memory space.
> I'm wondering if my Environment settings are screwed up.
> Min. number of undo lvl: 25
> Max. undo memory: 50 mb
> Tile Cache Size: 96 mb
> Conservative Mem. usage: checked
> I'm running: Windows 2000
> 392MB ram
> 1 GHz cpu

You should consider to increase the tile cache size then. Setting it
to 256MB would certainly improve things. Getting more RAM and
increasing it further will definitely help more.

> On PotatoShop (forced to used at gunpoint), there are no problems
> editing this image or other large images.

Photoshop handles large images better than GIMP. That's a known fact
and it's not trivial to improve.

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