Milan Knizek wrote:

>>>1) Set up your urpmi using
>>>2) install gimp2 using rpmdrake or urpmi
>> Hi Helge,
>> I'm sorry I have no idea what I'm supposed to do here.
> Hi Richard,
> you can either use rpmdrake (section Media manager - Add new - it is
> selfexplanatory; then go to Install and try to look the gimp2 package)
> or go to console - and do the same thing using urpmi - it is the best to
> read "man urpmi". You will need to add new media and then install.
> I have not checked whether gimp2 is available at the location above,
> however, this is a general way how to work with urpmi.
> Milan
Thanks for the info Milan but NO I do not know how to set up RPMDrake or
work from a console to that extent, I primarilly work from WinXP Pro.  

I did download the main GIMP 2.01 tar.gz and in the install notes it says
there are about 7 other files I need to download and install the following

1. You need to have installed a recent version of pkg-config available

  2. You need to have installed GTK+ version 2.2.2 or better. Do not
     try to use an older GTK+ version (1.2.x), it will not work.
     GTK+-2.2 itself needs recent versions of GLib, Pango and ATK.
     Sources for these can be grabbed from
     GTK+-2.x and friends can be installed side by side with GTK+-1.2.

  3. We require PangoFT2, a Pango backend that uses FreeType2. Make sure 
     you have FreeType2 and fontconfig installed before you compile Pango.
     FreeType2 can be downloaded from
     Fontconfig from

  4. We use libart2. Grab the module libart_lgpl out of GNOME CVS or
     fetch the tarball from

  5. You may want to install other third party libraries or programs that
     are needed for some of the available plugins. We recommend to check
     that the following libraries are installed: libpng, libjpeg,
     libtiff, gimp-print (4.2.x), gtkhtml-2, libmng, librsvg, libwmf.

That's just nuts.  I guess I will have to wait untill someone actually takes
the time to build an RPM for Mandrake, I just don't have the sort of

It's bad enough that Linux doesn't have much to offer in the way of graphic
apps that can do high end professional work but to have one of the only
ones so hard to 'put together' I can't deal with that right now.  

I'm impressed with Mandrake 10 so far but graphics are one of the main
things I do on a computer, so I guess it's back to Windows, not really
complaining, I just don't get too upset much any more.  Maybe in another 5
or 10 years this OS will win me over but in the mean time I have work to
do, over in Windows!

Thanks for the time you took to try to explain things to me, minimally but
that's OK.  I've wasted too many nights pulling out my hair over this
stuff.  I'm an artist not techie person.  If I can't install a workable
version of a needed piece of software without all this extra work then it's
nice to know I have choices on another plateform. 


Richard ;-)
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