OK, I need some help.

Out of curiosity I downloaded ALL the needed files.  14 in all, 45Mb's

I would appreciated some help in the ORDER in which to install these
files, pretty please....

libart (tar.tar)
GtkHTML Library (tar.tar)
libjpeg (tar.tar)

There was one that I could not find and I know how to scour the web
pretty good when I want to:

Font Configuration Library

So if anyone has the most up to date version of this one, a link please.

Most of these files, including gimp-2.0.1.tar.gz are all in tar.gz
format except for the 3 files with a 'tar.tar' extention and I'm not at
all sure how easy these will be to open up.

I know it's going to be REAL fun doing this little project but now I'm
commited so please lend a hand!! :-)

Richard ;-)~

"Sven Neumann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
: Hi,
: Richard McCormick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
: > I did download the main GIMP 2.01 tar.gz and in the install notes it
: > says there are about 7 other files I need to download and install
: > the following files:
: [snip]
: > That's just nuts.  I guess I will have to wait untill someone
: > actually takes the time to build an RPM for Mandrake, I just don't
: > have the sort of patience.
: Right, that's also what INSTALL suggests. Unless you are experienced
: with building software from scratch, you shouldn't try to get GIMP's
: dependencies built from source. Actually you should even try to avoid
: building GIMP from source.
: > It's bad enough that Linux doesn't have much to offer in the way of
: > graphic apps that can do high end professional work but to have one
: > of the only ones so hard to 'put together' I can't deal with that
: > right now.
: >
: > I'm impressed with Mandrake 10 so far but graphics are one of the
: > main things I do on a computer, so I guess it's back to Windows, not
: > really complaining, I just don't get too upset much any more.  Maybe
: > in another 5 or 10 years this OS will win me over but in the mean
: > time I have work to do, over in Windows!
: Well, Mandrake appears to be the only major Linux distribution that is
: not yet offering a convenient way to install GIMP 2.0. So perhaps
: instead of complaining, consider to use a different distribution.
: Sven

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