Richard McCormick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I did download the main GIMP 2.01 tar.gz and in the install notes it
> says there are about 7 other files I need to download and install
> the following files:


> That's just nuts.  I guess I will have to wait untill someone
> actually takes the time to build an RPM for Mandrake, I just don't
> have the sort of patience.

Right, that's also what INSTALL suggests. Unless you are experienced
with building software from scratch, you shouldn't try to get GIMP's
dependencies built from source. Actually you should even try to avoid
building GIMP from source.

> It's bad enough that Linux doesn't have much to offer in the way of
> graphic apps that can do high end professional work but to have one
> of the only ones so hard to 'put together' I can't deal with that
> right now.
> I'm impressed with Mandrake 10 so far but graphics are one of the
> main things I do on a computer, so I guess it's back to Windows, not
> really complaining, I just don't get too upset much any more.  Maybe
> in another 5 or 10 years this OS will win me over but in the mean
> time I have work to do, over in Windows!

Well, Mandrake appears to be the only major Linux distribution that is
not yet offering a convenient way to install GIMP 2.0. So perhaps
instead of complaining, consider to use a different distribution.

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