I've been using the technique mentioned in the email below to try to get
images with white backgrounds transparent .. I've had some good luck, but
also some bad.  Today I used the process on two .jpg's and the *entire*
images ended up transparent.  In one of the images, the foreground color is
actually black.  I've got the color picker on white and then do a color to
alpha on white.  The entire image (including the black stuff in the middle)
gets the alternating boxes indicative of transparency.

Any ideas?  This is one of the images I'm trying to make transparent:


As far as I can tell, as a gimp newbie, this should be an easy target for
color to alpha to make transparent, since the object is solid black.  I
figured the white would quickly turn transparent and that's it, but I've
tried a bunch of times and the whole thing does.  Maybe this is a bug w/ 2.0
on Win32?

Thanks for the advice!

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dreadnought wrote:

>Is there a resource geared for newbies on how to do this?
Sure, here you go:

(And you obviously wouldn't need to do step 5 on that tutorial.)

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