On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 01:20:45PM +0100, Colin Bannister wrote:
> I am getting a bit further, but have had to install glib in a 'standard' location
> (i.e. under /usr/local) rather than the test area I was using.  The 'pc' file
> for glib seems to be glib-2.0.pc by the way, and is OK.
> Now when configuring GTK I get further, but it fails with
> sh: gnome-config: not found
> configure: error: Pango 1.2.0 and Xft backend is required for x11 target
> Now, the installation document does say installation of FreeType2 is a prerequisite,
> and I've managed to install this.  It also mentions 'PangoFT2', and I am wondering
> if this is what is missing.  I have not managed to find a download for this, so I 
> don't
> know if its part of another package. 
> Could someone help me find 'PangoFT2' ?
it has been a long time since i had to build pango.  looks like you
might need to build one also.

running ./configure --help before you build it might show you a way to
build the FT2 parts.


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