Hello, Matthew

The plugin still works fine :). Do you want to send its code and binary to the original plugin author? He was interesed in it.
Also there were people who were interested in such a plugin in yahoo gimp-win conference.

Matthew H. Plough wrote:

Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:

Excellent! I am glad to hear that it works. I have now made the Windows source available at http://www.princeton.edu/~mplough/tmp/rawphoto-20040830-src-cygwin.tgz . No changes to rawphoto.c were necessary to build the plugin, but I had to nearly rewrite the makefile. The Windows version of gimptool-2.0 seems to have crashing issues when it isn't configured exactly right, so the makefile explicitly includes the necessary libraries as opposed to asking gimptool-2.0 what libraries and C-flags should be used. Also included is kill.awk, which removes WinMain from the preprocessed version of rawphoto.c; the makefile runs this automatically. The WinMain call messed everything up, and removing it doesn't seem to cause any problems.

I have started cleaning up the code to make it easier to understand, maintain, and extend, but at this point it is functionally no different from RawPhoto 0.7.


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Alexander Rabtchevich
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