Matthew H. Plough wrote:

Do you have an email address for him? I tried the one that he posted his the RawPhoto home page, but haven't gotten a reply. I guess that email might be inactive now.

No, I only have the address from his page. I used the address to contact him before. But the last mail got no responce :(.

Also there were people who were interested in such a plugin in yahoo gimp-win conference.

I will see about contacting them. I also have a pretty good idea why the plugin gives photos a magenta/red color cast, and am working on fixing the issue. It seems to be related to an arbitrary selection of color mapping; most cameras use sRGB, so any other scheme will create errors. I have a lot of information on the topic, but I haven't finished going through it, so this might take a while.


Did you use the checkbox "camera white balance" and click "reload preview"? It changes the result significuntly (removes the magenta cast at my photos from Minolta G500).

The plugin has a problem from my pov - is it doesn't show camera settings (WB). It uses it if appropriate checkbox and button are used, but don't show as the initial values in the lower sliders: WB and green component. I suspect it uses them as origins and the actual color temperature is applied as the initial value (not shown) shifted by slider position minus 4.75. The same is for the green component. This solves the problem by isn't convenient (at least for comparison with other RAW converters).

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