nice to hear from you Patrick,
On Sat, Sep 04, 2004 at 09:39:52PM -0400, BandiPat wrote:
> As much as I agree with you on the new file selectors and disappointment  
> that the Gimp developers can't change them, I'm afraid this is the 
> state of Gnome/GTK+ presently.  If you haven't seen Gnome lately, 2.4 
> or 2.6 versions, then you will be even more disappointed.  It seems 
> that those developers have decided taking away user control over the 
> interface will make it an easier transition for user's of other OS's to 
> move to Linux.  You have to realize now, it's worked for Apple & 
> Windows so far.  Hide everything, lock it into a consistent look & feel 
> and remove as many user controls as possible to eliminate confusion on 
> their part!
i started to use gimp-1.0.2 on a 486 with a 33meg harddrive and it kept
up more than fine with photoshop5 on windows on a 455MHz machine.  i did
not understand this miracle until i installed gimp-1.2 and gimp-1.3 on
the same computer (the 455MHz) which had to be upgraded to run
photoshop7 and WindowsME and later.  these are still all just numbers to
me ....

> Fortunately for us, the Linux users, we have other choices to go too 
> that are still Linux oriented, full control, but this is not an option 
> for Gimp, built so heavily within GTK+.  Maybe something will change, 
> maybe they'll realize the error of their ways, but presently, they have 
> decided to go this route.  We'll see if pays off and if it does, Linux 
> gets more users and if not, the Linux users get an ugly GUI interface 
> that can't be changed much.
well, it might be time that gnome claim their own?  call it the gnome
tool kit.  it is smelling like a free ride on gimp success right now.
having miguel join #gimp and call me retarded doesnt do much to make me
think that the rest of his users have any sense or ability.
(use "Find In Page" and search for miguel to see the respect given back)

i sent him an email introducing myself to him a few weeks back and never
received a similar response back.  not being a gnome user, i only know
him from an email i read about "gay gnome parties" and another web page
in which him and someone named nat did a photo cheer thing for evolution
showing some profit.  actually, in retrospect, i would guess that being
called retarded by someone who cannot send back a similar introduction
with such a limited internet personality is probably not so bad.

if anyone would like to see this introduction, i will be happy to
forward a copy of it to you -- maybe i should put it on cgo ....

i have never gotten anywhere with human beings treating them like they
are to stupid to handle cool tools.  i guess they have or are banking on
this.  or on the fact that things on #gimp are public via my journal

i see that i failed to mention that i wrote a program for a hypothetical
turing machin in 1986 or 87 that squared x.  i am retarded ;)

>   Those Who Dance Are Considered Insane, 
>    by Those That Cannot Hear the Music!

you hear it, dont you :)

thank you for being not the stupid gimp user they think they make
software for ...


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